How Ms. Marvel's Finale Ties Into The Marvels

Ms. Marvel's final moments lead right into The Marvels. *Spoilers for the Disney+ finale are coming up!* Well, Kamala Khan managed to get Kamran to safety, but Marvel Studios has telegraphed her debut in the Captain Marvel movie for more than a year now. While laying in bed and dreaming about her recent adventure, her bangle begins to glow and Ms. Marvel is sucked away. As the door to her closet is destroyed, out walks Brie Larson's Carol Danvers. Clearly perturbed by being in a bedroom she's never seen before, the hero pieces together what just happened. (Also, she's got a brand new costume that we've never seen before!) But, a lot of viewers are wondering what the heck just happened to Kamala and where is she in all of this. 

For all intents and purposes, it looks like Ms. Marvel has swapped places with her idol. Basically, whatever mission Captain Marvel was out in space handling now has a very surprised teenaged hero on their hands. We could easily see The Marvels become a case of Carol becoming aware of Kamala and going on an intergalactic mission to bring the girl home. Monica Rambeau is already out in space with the Skrulls presumably. So, she would be in league to help with the interstellar travel as well. A cosmic road trip movie where Ms. Marvel actually meets her inspiration and Captain Marvel has to try and mend her relationship with Photon before the threat out in space grows too dangerous.

Director Nia DaCosta actually spoke to Inverse about balancing all three of these women in the sequel. It's hard to find time to develop all three with all the story beats and larger MCU implications that are bound to be in this movie.

"It's interesting, and something we thought about and worked through a lot, which was how do we get each of these really big, exciting heroes space in a two-hour film," DaCosta said last year. "Captain Marvel has a history from the first film, Kamala will have her Ms. Marvel show, and Monica Rambeau, we've only seen her a little bit in WandaVision. A lot of what we've been thinking about is what part of the journey do we need to see for each of them? How do we honor the part of the story they're at in terms of the canon, while also within our story making them equal?"

Series star Larson also told Uproxx that The Marvels is "bonkers." She clearly wants to discuss the entire thing but has to hold back as to preserve the secret for fans all over the world.

"I wish I could talk about it. I can talk about my feelings around it," Larson explained. "I can say that… I can't say enough about how incredible our director, Nia DaCosta, is and what an honor it was to work with her, what an immense talent she is, how much I just feel like she's the future."

Larson continued, "And I could also say that, when I read the script for the first time, I couldn't believe what I was reading. I was like, this is bonkers. And it's the thing that I love about Marvel, is that they continue to reinvent. They continue to do the thing that you just would never think would be possible in these films. And they're not afraid to go there."

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