Ms. Marvel May Have Just Introduced Marvel's Coolest Cosmic Item Yet

Iman Vellani's Kamala Khan has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to a six-episode series on Disney+. Ahead of the show's debut, it was revealed Khan will also appear as one of the leads in The Marvels, with the show's finale leading directly into the Captain Marvel sequel. Not only that, but the season endcap may have confirmed the character has been donning one of Marvel's most powerful cosmic items as well. Full spoilers up ahead! Proceed with caution if you've yet to catch up with Ms. Marvel.

Throughout much of the season, fans were speculating as to whether or not Kamala was wearing one of the Quantum Bands, a powerful cosmic artifact that's long played a major role in the Marvel Comics mythos. While the Quantum Bands weren't namedropped, one of their most unique powers was on full display during the finale.

As Khan lay thinking of life, the bangle started to glow as she disappeared into nothing. Instead, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) appeared in her place, confused as to where she was at.

In recent Marvel comics, two heroes that don the name Quasar, Wendell Vaughn and Avril Kincaid, were able to split the powers of the Quantum Bands. While they were both able to don the bands, only one could do so actively while the other found themselves trapped in a pocket dimension, a situation both Khan and Danvers found themselves in during the closing moments of Ms. Marvel.

That's not to forget we saw Khan's bangle removed from the arm of a blue-skinned alien, suggesting the Kree were in possession of it at one point or another. That makes it a direct tie to Danvers and her time on Hala. Because of that, it'd also stand to reason Danvers could potentially be in possession of the second band, hence the reason the two switched places.

Coincidentally enough, the bands are also born of the Quantum Zone, or as the MCU has called it, the Quantum Realm. Not only does this fit in with the MCU's current storytelling arc, but the Quantum Realm will return in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania next year before The Marvels hits theaters. Should the cards fall just right, maybe there's another bridge between Ms. Marvel and The Marvels that'll we'll get thanks to the mind-bending alternate dimension.

The first season of Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+.

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