Vincent D'Onofrio Says Marvel Tried to "Connect As Many Dots" As Possible to Kingpin's Daredevil Netflix Canon

Hawkeye star Vincent D'Onofrio says that Marvel tried to "connect as many dots" as possible to Kingpin's Daredevil origins on Netflix. The new MCU villain appeared on's ComicBook Nation podcast and talked about this new era on Disney+. There's been so much discussion about the canon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the last few months. But, in the eyes of D'Onofrio, so much of it is connected in ways that fans just didn't know about what goes where yet. Not everything can make the cut, but a lot of the past seems to be sneaking its way into the MCU. Fans have already seen some of that slow creep during Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye. And from the sounds of things, there are more surprises coming. While there seem to be some differences, they're easily explained when you drill into creative decisions on each property. All you can say is be ready for any and everything going forward. Check out what D'Onofrio had to say down below.

"The trick is that you can't connect every dot. It's impossible," he admitted. "But, you can connect as many as you can. Like, we really tried to connect as much as we can. So, in my mind, and I think it will always be that way, it is the same Fisk."

The Daredevil star also talked about the perceived difference between his strength levels in the Netflix series and on Disney+. It turns out there was a scene from the previous show that would seem to prove his point about this version of Fisk being a direct continuation.

"You know I learned recently, a couple of the fans, they were very excited about it, they were commenting about the strength that I have," D'Onofrio began. "Because I'm throwing Kate [Bishop] around and stuff. But, I totally forgot. I just saw a clip on Twitter of me and Charlie [Cox] fighting in [Stephen] DeKnight's first season. Obviously, he's an incredible director. He helped develop the character of Wilson Fisk."

"There's a scene that we shot on an alley, in a street in Brooklyn, where I'm literally throwing Daredevil (Charlie) through the air," he continued. "Like, I'm picking him up and swinging him 15 feet into a garbage can. I do it a few times in that fight. It's no different, it's really not. So, I keep saying that it's the same Fisk that was in DareDevil. It's the same canon, but people get confused about things. I understand."


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