Nope Star Wants to Play Nova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

One of NOPE's stars wants to play Nova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On Twitter, Brandon Perea said that he wanted his fans to spread the word. He had an interview with Remezcia where the question of career goals came up. Perea was not shy with his intentions. He'd love to get trotted out at Comic-Con or D23 as one of Marvel's younger heroes. For a lot of young actors, that sort of honor would end up being a lifelong dream. (There have been enough of these movies now that kids have grown up in a world post-Iron Man.) Luckily for Perea and others like him, there is a reported Nova project in the works. Not a lot of details have surfaced so far. But, the pathway is open and the NOPE actor saw his chance to get his foot in the door. Check out what he told Remezcia down below.

"Marvel Cinematic Universe – I need to be there," the star said. "I hope my performance in Nope proves that I can play a Marvel superhero. That's what I want in my career – 100 percent."

With Nova being such a popular wish list item for so many MCU fans, speculation about who is going to end up wearing that helmet is absolutely everywhere. Ryan Gosling was one of the names that kept popping up. In a recent interview with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, the Gray Man star had to shoot down those rumors though. 

"I don't know anything about Nova," Gosling claimed. "Is that what you're going to ask me about? I don't know anything about the character?"

Miles Teller has also found himself in the fan casts. He's had a dynamite year with Top Gun Maverick still climbing up the box office rankings. If he had to serve the corps, then he would love the honor of being in the MCU.

"I haven't heard any of those rumblings yet but I'm sure if they get loud enough, then I will hear," Teller told "Yeah, for sure [I'd be down]. I love the fanbase. I love the Marvel and DC fanbases and I love those movies as an audience member and it seems they've taken these characters more and more seriously because the fans deserve it. There's nothing cheap about those characters and if the right thing came along I'd be open to it for sure."

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