Rick Remender Confirms The End of His X-Force Run


This weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con, rumors started to circulate that there may be one or more new X-Force titles coming up in the near future. Well, if so, they'll have to go forward without the writer who's made the franchise such a big hit recently. Rick Remender, currently the writer on Uncanny X-Force and the incoming writer on Uncanny Avengers and Captain America, confirmed readers' suspicions in a Comic Book Resources interview earlier today where he said he'd be completing his run on Uncanny X-Force with the currently-ongoing execution Final Execution. "It was a very tough decision to make and it came down to a conversation I had about it with Kieron Gillen about how long I would stay past this," Remender told CBR. "He said, 'Know when to get off the stage.' That's something that we maybe overlook.… I feel like this final story, which I'm very excited and have been building towards for a while now, pretty much wraps up everything we've been doing. It says everything I wanted to say about a kill squad while also really digging into the X-Universe that I loved so much as a kid growing up. So it really did come down to the fact that it was time to get off the stage." It's not entirely unlikely that at least one of the many Marvel NOW! teasers released by the publisher last week may turn out to be X-Force related, and that fans won't feel like the title is a rudderless ship for long. Expect a series of announcements to start rolling out tomorrow or Wednesday to clarify some of those one-word posters we got last week.