Russo Bros. Talk Guardians Of The Galaxy Passing Captain America: The Winter Soldier At The Box Office

After a week of anticipation, last night it finally happened: Guardians of the Galaxy took the #1 spot at the U.S. domestic box office for 2014, passing Captain America: The Winter Soldier along the way.

The film's return to the #1 spot last weekend made this more or less inevitable, as even a fairly steep week-to-week box office haul would have seen it pass Captain America this weekend barring something catastrophic...and of course, "catastrophic" isn't really in the vocabulary for Guardians, the feel-good movie of the summer and Marvel's biggest surprise hit since Iron Man.

As such, when we spoke with Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Joe and Anthony Russo earlier this week, we made sure to sneak this question in. "Are you excited for your studio stablemates," I asked them, "Or does some small part of you still say 'That f---ing raccoon!'?" 

"We're comic book geeks so I love a great comic book film," Joe Russo said. "It's exciting to us. Here's the thing is I want the genre to last as long as it can because I've been waiting thirty years to see good comic book movies and now we're in a kind of golden age and I want that golden age to last. The problem when a marketplace becomes oversaturated is that if the quality starts to drop on the volume, people are going to get sick of it. So we have to make sure that when these things come out, no matter who's releasing it, that they're making a damn good movie because it helps all of us and when they don't, it hurts all of us."


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits Blu-ray on September 9, but if you can't wait, you can legally stream it now through a number of video-on-demand sites.