Conan the Barbarian Bonds With a Symbiote

One of Marvel's Klyntar symbiotes — a member of the same species as the Venom symbiote — just found an unexpected new host in sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. SPOILERS for Savage Avengers #3 by Gerry Duggan and Mike Deodato Jr. follow.

Conan found himself transported from the Hyborian Age into the Marvel Universe during the events of the Avengers: No Road Home miniseries. Since then he's been adventuring throughout the Savage Land, a setting more familiar to Conan than Marvel's New York City might be.

Always on the lookout for treasure, the City of Sickles called to Conan. Once there, he sought to steal the enchanted amulet belonging to the sorcerer Kulan Gath. Conan couldn't have known that Kulan Gath had joined forces with the Hand to summon the Marrow God, Jhoatan Lau. In order to do so, they needed to spill the blood of warriors.

Conan fit that description, but the Cimmerian was able to team up with Wolverine and fend off the Hand ninjas. While searching Kulan Gath's quarters for the amulet, Conan encountered and freed what he believed to be a djinn caught in a bottle. This djinn is, in truth, a Klyntar symbiote.

Conan escaped with the amulet but returned to the city upon hearing Wolverine's screams. He threatened Kulan Gath, but the sorcerer used his power to blow a hole in the barbarian's chest. Luckily for Conan, the "djinn" was nearby. The symbiote bonds with Conan, filling in the chest wound and wrapping itself around Conan's blade.

Conan Symbiote
(Photo: Mike Deodato Jr,, Marvel Entertainment)

Conan's life is saved, but the vengeful symbiote fills him with an uncontrollable bloodlust. Conan can't stop himself from spilling more blood, which allows Kulan Gath to summon the Marrow God. Now Conan — empowered by the symbiote — Wolverine, Elektra, Brother Voodoo, and the Punisher are the only ones who can stop it.

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Savage Avengers #3
(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Mike Deodato (CA) David Finch


Kulan Gath's return is no good for anyone who digs being alive. His trap for the deadliest warriors in the Marvel Universe is sprung, and if humanity is to survive, the Savage Avengers must slay a god. Elektra tries to corral Conan, Voodoo and Logan into an effective fighting force, and the Punisher desperately searches for his disinterred family. Plus: Conan hefts a deadly new Savage Sword!

Parental Advisory
In Shops: Jul 03, 2019
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