Spider-Man 4: Sam Raimi Completely Open to Directing Tobey Maguire Movie

Spider-Man 4 fans are excited to hear that Sam Raimi is "completely open" to returning for another Marvel film. In an interview with Moviepilot, the director was asked about the prospects of continuing Tobey Maguire's journey in his universe. Raimi acknowledged that the multiverse has made it likely that anything is truly possible in the MCU now. Raimi's longtime friend even swung by the Marvel Studios world to help Tom Holland's Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home already. So, the groundwork has already been laid for such a turn if Marvel and Sony would agree to pursue it. Raimi has been very forthcoming when asked about his older films. No Way Home reignited a wave of nostalgia among film fans as they grew an even deeper appreciation for Maguire and Andrew Garfield's time in the tights. Check out what he had to say down below.

Raimi said, "I didn't think it was possible but after jumping back in with the multiverse, I realized that anything is possible now so I'm completely open to it."

In a previous conversation with Fandango, the director talked about how much he would love to work with Maguire again. "I've come to realize after making Doctor Strange that anything is possible, really anything in the Marvel universe, any team-ups," Raimi said when asked about another possible Spider-Man sequel. "I love Tobey. I love Kirsten Dunst. I think all things are possible. I don't really have a story or a plan. I don't know if Marvel would be interested in that right now. I don't know what their thoughts are about that. I haven't really pursued that. But it sounds beautiful. Even if it wasn't a Spider-Man movie, I'd love to work with Tobey again, in a different role."

No Way Home writer Erik Sommers talked to Gold Derby about how aware of the pedigree he was. "Of course, the focus has to be our Spider-Man," the writer mused. "This is his journey, his story, and things have to be in service to that. They can't contradict it or pull from it, but at the same time, we want to give them something that is meaningful, and that was the real challenge. Jon Watts deserves a lot of credit for watching that ball in particular. In a lot of our conversations, he was really intent on making sure that both of the Spider-Mans that come and join the movie have their own journey. We all wanted to feel like, when Tobey and Andrew go back to where they came from, they will have learned something and grown. They will not be the same, their lives will not be the same because of what happened during this movie, just as our Peter will not be the same."

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