'Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Deleted Scene Adds More Miles Morales

Earlier this year, Spider-Man: Homecoming swung into theaters, and it did so with one massive easter egg in tow. The film’s introduction of Donald Glover’s character led to Miles Morales being referenced, but one deleted scene actually mentions the Spider-Man fave by name.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hit digital HD this week ahead of its physical Blu-ray and DVD release. The package is loaded with deleted scenes, and one of them actually mentions Miles, but it’s not for any heroic reason. You can blame Glover’s role for the name-drop.

The scene sees Aaron Davis waiting by his car after Spider-Man webs the local thug to his vehicle. Glover’s character is seen asking for help and muttering to himself about the ordeal while people pass him by.

“That’s what I get for helping,” the character says before calling out to others. “Excuse me, a human being needs help. I hate this dude man.”

However, when Aaron is shown talking on his phone, fans realize just who the older man has called.

“I’m sorry, Miles - I’m not going to make it,” Aaron says. “Yeah, I’m just stuck.”

For fans, the name-drop of Miles just solidifies the film’s ties with the Spider-Man hero. If you don’t know who Miles Morales is, then you have a bit of Marvel lore to catch up on. The character is one of the Marvel Universe’s newest Spider-Man heroes as he took up Peter Parker’s role in the Ultimate universe. Since Miles debuted, the character has become even more popular and even lead Marvel to bring Miles into the main comic’s continuity.


As for Aaron’s relationship with Miles, the two are blood relatives. Glover’s character is Miles’ uncle, and he is the one who actually gives the boy his spidey powers. Aaron, who operates as The Prowler, steals a formula that gave Peter Parker his powers. However, Miles winds up being bit by the spider Aaron stole, giving him the powers of Spider-Man and a whole lot of responsibility.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will have its digital version go on sale September 26 before the physical edition hits on October 7. You can pre-order the Blu-ray (currently 41% off) and 4K releases here.