Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoiler - Rumored Details On Tinkerer's Role


Just yesterday, news broke that Spider-Man: Homecoming had added Michael Chernus to its already massive cast to play The Tinkerer/Phineas Mason, a villain who debuted in Spider-Man back in 1963. The announcement confirmed the film's second villain as Michael Keaton is set to play a hi-tech version of The Vulture. And, already, there are rumors swirling about what role the Tinkerer will have in the film.

So, if wasn't clear already, spoiler alert!

Alright, now that the obligatory spoiler alert alarm has been sound, let's discuss what these new character details are saying. According to Heroic Hollywood's sources, it looks like the Tinkerer will be "an ex-Stark Industries employee who was personally fired by Tony Stark a few years back," making the guy's termination a post-Avengers event. Compliant with the comic canon, the villain will apparently be providing tech and weaponry to The Vulture as well as The Shocker, who'll be played by Bokeem Woodbine.

The site is also reporting the Tinkerer's tech has extraterrestrial origins as his work is "built from repurposed Chitauri technology." Given Tony Stark's paranoia over all things alien, it's not surprising to hear the 'billionaire playboy philanthropist' canned one of his workers for dabbling with Chitauri tech.

Standing as Marvel Studios' first joint production with Sony Pictures, Homecoming will feature Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in his sophomore year of high school. The film will take place after the hero's recent cameo in Captain America: Civil War, and Robert Downey Jr. is set to reprise his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the film.

So, who knows? Are we expecting a verbal (and physical) smackdown to take place between Stark and his former employee? Tell us what you think about the Tinkerer's alleged origin story in the comments below!

Spider-Man: Homecoming will come swinging into theaters next year on July 7th.

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