TOOL Singer Uses Thanos Meme To Troll Taylor Swift

Tool now sits at the top of the Billboard charts with their first album in 13 years, and that [...]

Tool now sits at the top of the Billboard charts with their first album in 13 years, and that achievement has knocked out Taylor Swift's Lover album from that lofty perch. Tool's Fear Inoculum debuted at No. 1 (their third No. 1 album) with 270,000 thousand units sold in the week ending on September 5th. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift's Lover album had second-week sales of 248,000 albums during that same time span. When the news hit some Swift fans were wondering who Tool was and trying to gather other fans to help Swift's album beat Tool, but with Tool victorious, lead singer Maynard James Keenan couldn't help but take a jab at them, and he used Marvel's Thanos to do it (via The Daily Dot).

Now that the album is officially No. 1, Keenan shared an image that had his face photoshopped on Thanos' body with the Infinity Gauntlet in hand. That was the top picture, while the bottom picture was of Taylor Swift fading out of existence from the Thanos snap. He posted it with the caption "Heh. #comedyfirstandalways #lightenuporjogon @taylorswift13 @puscifer @Tool."

You can check out the image in its entirety below.

As you might assume, Taylor Swift fans weren't too happy with the meme, but they also had plenty of supporters, and you can view some of the highlights below.

"Taylor has the best selling album of the year & your numbers this week don't come close to her 1st wk Next week Post Malone will be #1 more than doubling your first + second week numbers not to mention your album might not even be top 10 while Taylor will still sit at #2💀"

"Thank you MJK + Tool for creating such unique, powerful, emotional, beautiful music. It's been on heavy rotation for awhile and really pushes me physically👍👍"

"I have no issue at all with Ms Swift, my grandchildren love her! But I am a diehard TOOL fan, a patient fan, an older fan... a smug fan. I am ridiculously pleased with TOOL's longevity & creativity. God, you guys are good."

"Taylor has sold more copies in a week than your album has 😭😭 Post Malone is gonna dethrone you next week"

All of this will be irrelevant when Thanos releases his album Snapanomics later this year.