Upper Deck Announces Legendary: Civil War

Legendary Civil War Header
(Photo: Upper Deck)

Marvel's Civil War isn't just coming to theatres this year, but also to your tabletop, courtesy of Upper Deck's Legendary: Civil War.

The newest expansion is the fourth big box set for Legendary, and will center around the version of Civil War seen in the comics. You should then expect Spider-Man to play a much larger role in the game than he does in the upcoming film, a theory that the box art supports. They will implement the Civil War theme into gameplay with a new mechanic titled "Divided", but how that works isn't known at this time.

The game will increase your Legendary card pool with 350 new Hero, Villain, Mastermind, and Scheme cards, and allows up to 5 players to join in on the fun.

You can nab this from your game store of choice sometime in June, and it will run you $39.99.

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