Eddie Brock's Son Makes Major Change to Venom Symbiote

Eddie Brock’s son just made some major changes to the Venom symbiote in Venom #24. Young Dylan is no stranger to weird power manifestations in the past. Absolute Carnage saw the kid learn that Brock was his father and revealed some latent symbiote powers. He could dispel and repel the creatures when necessary. Dylan also got a strangely cute alien four-legged companion that exudes some ominous energy. When the time came to help his dad, the boy didn’t hesitate to go lend a hand. *Spoilers coming up for Venom #24.*

Poor Eddie has been through a lot over the past couple of months with Absolute Carnage and War of the Realms. He was sitting in a hospital bed mourning the loss of Venom. A few issues ago, Captain America dropped a nuke on Venom Island while saving the anti-hero. Well, that killed all the organisms living there and Eddie doesn’t feel whole without his partner. He said to a doctor that it was like having a phantom limb. Cap comes in with his son and that’s when things really get weird.

Dylan tells his father that he can’t stay with him. When Brock objects, Captain America tells the man that he’s been out for months, Knull has arrived and his son is constantly in danger. All of this makes a lot of sense, (Maybe not the Knull showing up part…) but things come to a head when a Carnage-looking version of Cletus Kasady injects Brock with a version of the red symbiote. Eddie tries to resist, but it ends up being just too much to hold off.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

So, Eddie is back on the island, missing a hand, and in the control of the red symbiote. Who can help him now? His son’s powers allow him to astral-project through a portal to rescue his dad. Dylan runs into the black symbiote and the two lament their separation anxiety together. But, as the young boy tells the creature, they are stronger together. Dylan merges with the symbiote in an effort to get his dad back. Marvel fans will no doubt be smiling to themselves when the possessed version of Eddie ends up face-to-face with a Venom T-Rex who belts out a plea to give his father back. Things are going to be very interesting in Venom #25.

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