'Venom' Fan Trailer Turns 'Life' Into a Prequel

To say that the official trailer for Sony's Venom was disappointing is a little bit of an [...]

To say that the official trailer for Sony's Venom was disappointing is a little bit of an understatement. Many fans felt let down by the trailer that featured a lot of Tom Hardy running or in a hospital and not much of anything else -- especially a noted lack of Venom. However, thanks to one fan-made trailer, we're finally getting the Venom trailer we really wanted, thanks to a little help from the movie Life.

YouTuber BillyCrammer posted their version of a Venom trailer today, using footage from 2017's sci-fi horror film Life to provide an origin for the Venom symbiote and trace a path to the Lethal Protector storyline the movie is wanting to tell. The fan-made trailer, which you can watch above, also incorporates clips from other movies, including It, Alien: Covenant, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and some of the Spider-Man films along with footage from the real Venom trailer. There's even a brief look at Tom Holland's Peter Parker, playing on the rumor that Holland's Marvel Cinematic Universe Spidey will make an appearance in Sony's film, which is reportedly completely separate from the MCU.

And it's not just the appearance of Holland in this fan-made trailer that makes it so interesting. It really is how the footage from Life sets up the idea of the symbiote as a dangerous threat that really sets the tone that the Venom trailer should have -- one that is as exciting, dark as complicated as the comic book character is. In the real trailer, the only look fans get of the alien symbiote is when someone opens up an armored vehicle's back doors to reveal a heavy-duty container within the vehicle that contains the strange black substance moving around and seemingly alive and also revealing that there's more than one of those containers, hinting there's more than one symbiote.

Of course, Venom won't hit theaters until October which means that we will be getting further trailers and promotional spots as the movie gets closer to its release date. That should be more than enough time for those additional trailers to offer more footage and a better look at the upcoming film. But if Sony's looking for some ideas on how to make a Venom trailer that's going to get fans hyped up for the film? This fan trailer has the right idea,

Venom is currently scheduled to hit theaters on October 5, 2018.