Tom Hardy Reveals Awesome 'Venom' IMAX Poster

The Venom hype train continues to role on as we get closer to the release date, with a brand new [...]

The Venom hype train continues to role on as we get closer to the release date, with a brand new poster being released today by star Tom Hardy.

The Eddie Brock actor unveiled the new IMAX poster on Instagram, showing an awesome look at the terrifying symbiote. Take a look below:

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Fans were disappointed by news earlier this week that said the movie would be rated PG-13, as many expected the violent Spider-Man villain to warrant an R-rating. But it looks like there's a possibility for an unrated version down the line according to director Ruben Fleischer.

"I wouldn't rule anything out. We'll have to see where it lands, I guess, but I wouldn't rule anything out," the director told Fandango.

Reports indicated that Sony Pictures settled on the PG-13 rating so the character would be able to tangle with Spider-Man in a future installment, and that the character appearing in an R-Rated film would be a harder sell for parents and children.

Fans also wondered about Spider-Man possibly making a cameo in Venom, and though that doesn't seem likely at this point, Fleischer played coy about the possibility.

"I honestly don't know what I'm allowed to say," Fleischer said to the LA Times about Spider-Man's appearance. "I mean, I know the answer — I've seen the movie. But I don't want to get in trouble for saying something I'm not supposed to."

Despite the letdown of a less violent movie than some fans wanted, Fleischer is promising the movie is filled with tons of references that Spider-Man die-hards will recognize.

"I definitely tried to pepper in Easter eggs throughout the film. Some are more obvious than others. I'm excited for fans of the comics to see the movie and try to spot them," Fleischer said. "One thing I will say is that, you know, at least was really gratifying for me, is when the trailer came out, people recognized frames that were taken directly from the comics that we tried to recreate in the movie.

"That was really gratifying to me to see that people appreciated that we literally lifted iconic frames from the Venom comic book and put them in the movie."

Fans will get to spot all of the references when they see Venom, set to premiere in theaters on October 5th.