Venom Turns Down Offer to Join The Avengers

Following the events of Marvel's Absolute Carnage event, Eddie Brock is seemingly in the good graces of Earth's Mightiest Heroes once again. This week, the first issue of Donny Cates' ongoing Venom series, Venom #21, hit shelves to show everyone the aftermath of the devastating event. The issue begins with Eddie being brought out to Avengers Mountain and coming face to face with Captain America, who surprisingly extends and offer for Eddie/Venom to join the ranks of his team. However, thanks to the real results of the war with Carnage that no one else on Earth knows about, Eddie has to walk away.

At the end of Absolute Carnage, Eddie is given a choice between killing his son Dylan and stopping Carnage once and for all, or keeping Dylan alive and waking up Knull, the Symbiote god. Eddie chooses the latter and knows that danger is still on its way. The Avengers, however, don't have any clue that Knull is coming, and believe that Eddie has saved everyone.

When Captain America reveals to Eddie that the entire team is waiting to talk with him, he replies with shock. "You want me to be an Avenger?"

"Maybe, maybe not," Cap tells him. "Like I said, we're just having a conversation. A lot of this is up to you and what you want. And, well, obviously you have my vote. But the team and I will have to talk about it. For now, why don't you just meet everyone?"

Eddie quickly tells the team that he needs to spend more time with Dylan and get things figured out, but that he will let them know later. Everyone is understanding of his scenario, but it seems clear that Eddie isn't going to be taking them up on the offer any time soon.

"Yeah, of course. That's okay," Cap says before Eddie leave. "I get it, you guys have been through a lot. We'll have the car take you back, but...You ever need anything, just call. No questions asked."

Eddie calls in that favor at the end of the issue, as he needs private transport to Isla de Huesos, The Island of Bones, where he plans to stop Carnage and Knull once and for all.


Venom #21 is now available online and at your local comic book shop.