Vin Diesel Name-Drops Black Bolt


Vin Diesel is once again dropping hints, or least names, about his possible involvement in Marvel's Inhumans movie.

Esquire pulled of a rapid fire interview with the Furious 7 star, cramming as many questions as they could into a single minute. The questions ranged from Star Wars vs. Star Trek (Star Wars) to his Dungeons & Dragons class of choice (Witch Hunter, half-drow), until eventually arriving at some comic book related questions.

Diesel was first asked whether he preferred Superman or Batman, to which he simply replied "Marvel." Moving into that universe, he was asked which X-Man he preferred, Cyclops or Wolverine.

"Guardians!" Diesel responded, laughing. "OK, Black Bolt. Black Bolt, Black Bolt, Black Bolt."

There have been rumors surrounding Diesel's involvement with the Inhumans movie since before we knew for sure that the Inhumans movie was actually happening. Fans have been fantasy casting Diesel as the Inhuman king for some time. Whether this statement is Diesel campaigning for the role, teasing that he's already got it, or just being playful remains up for debate.


Furious 7 opens April 3. Inhumans is scheduled for release on July 12, 2019.