WandaVision Star Teyonah Parris Pays Tribute to the Marvel Fans Ahead of Series Finale

WandaVision's highly-anticipated finale makes its debut this weekend, and fans are incredibly eager to see what kind of impact it leaves on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Along the first eight episodes, the series has advanced the storylines of a wide array of Marvel Comics characters, including Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris). It's safe to say that the response from fans to Monica's arc thus far has been very positive -- and Parris just posted a pretty heartfelt tribute to those fans. In a video message, which you can check out below, Parris celebrates the finale's debut, and thanks fans for receiving the series "with open arms."

Monica's arc has arguably been one of the most compelling aspects of WandaVision, as she was forever changed by her time both inside and outside the Westview anomaly, culminating in her getting superpowers.

“When I sat down and talked to the [WandaVision team], they explained it to me that through Monica's compassion, through her empathy, and her willingness to put her own body on the line, she sacrifices her own self for what she believes is the greater good [to go back to Westview]," Parris recalled in a recent interview with Marvel.com. "And that happens by passing through this energy field too many times, essentially.”

“[Director] Matt [Shakman] guided me through [the scene],” Parris continued. “He had in his mind how it would all mesh together. I just tried to imagine the grief and the heaviness of Monica losing her mom and not being there, and the heaviness of the guilt. And then essentially at the end, wanting to make her proud, wanting to show [Maria Rambeau] that I will move forward.”

“And a part of it also almost felt like, when you don't cry, when you don't stop to grieve and then finally somebody says one thing and all of a sudden, it's just, ‘ah.’ That was Monica's actual physical moment to grieve and to just scream and let it out, whereas before she's been trying to get through it by helping Wanda, by throwing herself into work. But in this one moment here, she got to really sit in her grief and move through it physically. We saw the physical manifestation of Monica moving through her grief.”


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