Wolverine Fans Are Raising Money to Build a Statue in Canada

Marvel fans in Alberta, Canada are campaigning to have a statue erected for the region’s most famous mutant, and its most famous fictional characters, James “Logan” Howlett, the Wolverine.

Wolverine is a Canadian from Alberta and was a member of Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight before Professor X persuaded him to join the X-Men. The campaign suggests that the statue should be built in Fort McMurray, Alberta as a celebration of Logan but also to use Wolverine’s mutant healing factor as a symbol of hope and rebirth for a region that has struggled with economic issues and a devastating wildfire in recent years.

The campaign was inspired by Detroit recently commissioning a statue of famous fictional native Robocop. Here’s the explanation that was given on the campaign’s IndieGoGo page, which was launched by Sameer Singh:

“Fort McMurray experienced economic collapse in 2014 and then, in 2016 came "The Beast": a massive wildfire that forced the evacuation of the entire city and became Canada's most expensive natural disaster. The city could use some love from the rest of the province and the country! One way to make a difference and recognize the region's character is in the realm of public art: let's build and erect a statue of Alberta's most famous fictional character, Wolverine!

We are inspired by and are following the city of Detroit, which envisioned, funded and now will install a statue of that city's famous fictional resident: Robocop. They raised enough money to create a bronze statue that will be installed in the spring of 2018. We are inspired by how that community obtained the necessary permissions. We have already started conversations with the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (City of Fort McMurray) and we will approach Marvel once fundraising is complete.


Alberta has a number of interesting landmarks including a giant Easter egg, beaver, baseball bat, pyrogy, a UFO landing pad and a replica Starship Enterprise. This project is another way to artistically and aesthetically contribute to the community and the province solely through private dollars.”

A campaign to have a Deadpool statue erected in Regina, Saskatchewan – the character’s hometown according to the 2016 Deadpool movie – failed to gain enough support last year. Even if the Wolverine campaign does get support, it would still need permission from Marvel to put the statue on display.