Two Hundred People Remake 'Shrek'

The Internet has outdone itself this time. Thanks to some passionate Shrek fans, you can now watch a bizarre remake of the 2001 animated feature on YouTube. This new take on the Dreamworks Pictures classic consists of over 200 different artists and filmmakers coming together to create an incredibly strange, but wonderfully good time.

Shrek Retold is a massive group effort put together by 3GI Industries, who are self-proclaimed "Professional Shrekheads." This collaboration includes everything from live-action to animation with varying degrees of styles that ranges from professional quality to endearing homemade videos.

This isn't 3GI Industries' first foray into Shrek madness. They are also the folks behind Shrekfest, an event that is exactly what is sound like. According to Insider, the group created the festival after a fake Facebook event lead them to believe one already existed. They took matters into their own hands and have been the pioneers of the Shrek fandom ever since.

Shrek Retold is already a big hit with its online viewers, receiving positive feedback from the Internet's biggest ogre fans (the video already has nearly 800,000 views).

This "beautiful masterpiece" isn't the first time we've seen a massive collaboration of this caliber. Star Wars Uncut was an Internet sensation back in 2012, accomplishing the same feat as the Shrek lovers.

Shrek has been a consistent part of our lives for 17 years, having sparked three theatrical sequels, a Broadway musical, and various short films and specials. Recently, it was announced that there would be a reboot of the franchise, although the creators are currently being tight-lipped about the details.


3GI's video post also includes a spreadsheet that lists all of the people involved with the film. If you want to learn more about the filmmakers or follow them on Twitter, you can check out the list here.

Shrek Retold is currently available to watch on a computer near you!