Russo Brothers Reveal New Look at Tom Holland in Cherry

Post-production on Joe and Anthony Russo's new movie Cherry continues, and fans are eagerly awaiting the drama because it not only reunites them with Spider-Man star Tom Holland but gives the young actor a major makeover. The first photos of Holland preparing for the film revealed his drastic transformation which sent fans reeling, and a new photo posted by the directors from the edit bay offers another look at the actor in the film. Based on the book by Nico Walker, Holland plays a former soldier who returns home from war with undiagnosed PTSD and begins robbing banks to fund his opioid addiction. Take a look for yourself at the image below!

To play the part, Holland took part in a six week bootcamp to lose even more weight which put a pretty major strain on his body as he prepared.

“That’s a film where I’m gonna get to explore emotions and stuff that I’ve never experienced before in life. I’m trying to lose weight and get really, really skinny,” Holland said at Keystone Comic Con last year. “It isn’t working, because I love pizza [laughs]. No, I will get there, I will get there/// I’ve been running a lot recently, which is something I never do, and I’ve been training really hard and trying to get skinny.”

The 23-year-old star already comes from a gymnastics and dancing background, but his new regimen gave him a scare when he “was walking to the train station and just fell over.”

“I just had a moment, I don’t know what happened to me, I just was on the floor,” Holland said. “I think I must have broken something in my foot. It might not look like it, but I feel like I need to go to the hospital, probably.”

The Russos previously had high praise for Holland in his on-camera acting as well, so it seems like his preparations paid off in the end.


"I’ll say this. Tom Holland is killing it," Joe Russo told Collider. "He’s just kicking ass in this role. And we couldn’t be more proud of him. It’s as complicated a role as an actor can play, and he’s just doing a spectacular job.”

Holland stars in the film alongside Ciara Bravo, Bill Skarsgard, Jack Reynor, Forrest Goodluck, Jeff Wahlberg, Michael Gandolfini, and Kyle Harvey. Cherry is co-produced by the Russos' AGBO Films and Hideaway Entertainment. Jonathan Gray and Matthew Rhodes will produce for Hideaway, alongside the Russo Brothers. No official release date has been set for the movie.

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