Amazing Spider-Man Director Marc Webb Should Direct an X-Movie for Fox


This is just an opinion, but bear with us here: Marc Webb, director of at least the first two films in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise for Sony, should be handed an X-Men spinoff for Fox. His relationship with the Spider-Man movies was briefly in doubt this year when a contractual obligation to 20th Century Fox threatened to pull him away for long enough that the up-and-coming filmmaker wouldn't be able to give the spider-sequel enough time to do it right, but was saved at the last minute when Sony, Fox and Webb came to an agreement. Rumor has it that in exchange for the opportunity to return to the Spidey director's chair, Webb signed on for an additional movie at Fox when he's done with Spider-Man. No word on whether he made arrangements to be sure this whole thing doesn't happen again before the third in his planned trilogy goes in front of the cameras. In any event, with Mark Millar coming on board to create a more cohesive universe between the X-Men and Fantastic Four films controlled by Fox, possibly a version that's cross-compatible with the Marc Webb Spider-Man universe at Sony and the Whedon-controlled Avengers universe, the question becomes clear: Why not give Marc Webb a Marvel tie-in film? It seems likely that, provided X-Men: Days of Future Past is as successful as everyone's assuming it will be, Fox would want Bryan Singer for at least one more of those. Josh Trank, who is directing the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, seems likely to have that on lockdown since he's an up-and-coming young director who was aggressively sought for a number of projects by a number of studios before landing at Fox. In fact, Trank was at one point attached to a Venom movie that would exist in the same universe as Webb's Spider-Man movies. So how about it? What would you like to see Webb direct? Considering he's shown an aptitude for young heroes, perhaps we could see him finally get that Runaways movie everyone wants off the ground? That would allow him an excuse to consult with Whedon, bringing the Marvel movie universes even closer together? That's unlikely because while it featured some X- characters, it's probably not considered part of the X-Men deal that Fox controls--so then you fall to something like Generation X or X-Force...which is interesting, because wasn't Millar saying not all that long ago that other X properties should be exploited?