Amazing Spider-Man's Garfield and Stone Talk to Fans [Video]


Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Sony's upcoming reboot The Amazing Spider-Man (due in theaters on Tuesday) and Emma Stone, who plays his girlfriend Gwen Stacy in the film, did a Q&A on MovieFone with a number of fans earlier this week, which has just been made available via the film's Facebook page. The video's below, and it's worth watching, although Moviefone transcribed some of the highlights on their site as well and one particular thing jumped out at us. Emma Stone has said in numerous interviews that she had to unplug the Internet at first when she got cast as Gwen Stacy, since the level of criticism and cruelty from fans online was so high. Garfield, apparently, didn't feel that way at all. "The biggest criticism that I had to face was someone telling me that my eyebrows were too thick," Andrew Garfield told the fans. That isn't to say Garfield always had it easy, though; he describes his gawky teenage years in the interview, presumably as an influence on the way he depicted Peter, who is being played more in line with the original '60s Parker in this movie. That is to say, he's bullied. A lot. Of course, as we all know, he gets a little bit of payback, too. One of the recently-released clips from the film depicts Garfield's Parker using his newfound Spidey powers to show up Flash Thompson, the jerky basketball star who we've seen treating him like crap in a number of the other clips. The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters July 3. Keep an eye peeled early next week for our monthly conversation with IMDb's Keith Simanton, which will revolve mostly around the film.