Anna Paquin Reveals How She Would Like To Return As Rogue In The X-Men Movies


It seems like that Anna Paquin's take on Rogue is gone, given the fact that a new generation of the original X-Men are being cast for X-Men: Apocalypse...but that doesn't mean Paquin herself hasn't given a little thought to how to bring the character back, especially with the X-Men: Days of Future Past Rogue Cut coming this summer.

Asked by a fan whether she would consider coming back as Rogue in a future film, Paquin said that she long as she got to fly.

The fan, then, misinterpreted that to mean the answer was no, since Rogue didn't fly in the movies...but Paquin clarified:

No official date is set yet for the extended cut of Days of Future Past, which reportedly includes more than ten minutes of new footage, primarily focused on Rogue and Magneto in the alternate future that bookends the film. 


What do you think the odds are that in the intervening years, Rogue grabbed powers from somebody who could fly...?