Avengers: Endgame Directors Address If They Would Tell Story Of Captain America's Trip Through Time

Avengers: Endgame wrapped up the Infinity Saga and all its the major story threads in regards to the main characters, once and for all. In doing so, it also opened some doors to new story opportunities with the existing character. More specifically, many fans are curious about what happened when Captain America traveled through time on a mission to return the Infinity Stones to the locations and times from which the Avengers borrowed them to defeat Thanos. This is a story which will probably never be told in full in a the Marvel Cinematic Universe but its an idea which Endgame directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo think would be fun to tell.

"It would be a great story to tell, no question," Joe Russo told ComicBookMovie. "I don't know whether it needs to be told, but it would be a great story to tell, and we'd love to tell it, but I think there are other stories to move on to now."

Despite Chris Evans admitting he misses the role of Captain America already, it seems unlikely he will return to the role or that we will see what happened when he encountered Reed Skull on Vormir to return to the Soul Stone. Still, all of the epic moments which went to Captain America throughout Avengers: Endgame were never considered for any other character, especially getting the honor or calling out, "Avengers Assemble!"

When asked if they ever considered handing out any of Cap's moments to other characeers, Anthony Russo exclaimed, "No!"

"We really didn't," Joe Russo added. "We always felt like ["Avengers Assemble"] needed to be Cap's moment, and I'm not sure why, but for us, we always thought it was going to be Cap's moment."


"I don't ever remember a moment where we ever talked about it being anything other than Cap's moment," Anthony Russo explained. "Cap was always a special guide for us through the storytelling because he was the access point to the MCU for us. So, we do certainly look to and rely upon that character for a lot of the important parts of the narrative for sure."

The Russo Brothers have remained engaged with their fans since developing millions through their work on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. The dialogue continues with their Russo Bros. Pizza Film School, a series which recently featured Star Wars icon Mark Hamill and will have a guest appearance by Taika Waititi in this week's nw episode, available on the Russo Brothers' AGBO Films YouTube channel.