Bad Trip Deleted Scenes Reveal Cut Chris Rock Cameo

It's been a few weeks since the Eric Andre film Bad Trip finally made its debut, having been delayed from a theatrical release until finally landing at Netflix, and now we've got a fresh look at some of the insane stunts that didn't make it into the final cut, including a Chris Rock cameo. Yup, Emmy winning comedian Chris Rock was planned to appear in the film and you can see why his part in the movie was left on the cutting room floor in the video below. Another choice sequence that didn't make it saw Andre pretend to be possessed with an actual exorcist trying to help out. Watch the video below!

"It was so frustrating because we only had Chris for one day," Andre said in the official press notes release by Netflix. "Unfortunately, when you've got someone as famous as Chris Rock, it's almost impossible to find someone who doesn't recognize them … That's the prank that still haunts me. But that's the nature of the beast." Director Kitao Sakurai added: "What you see in the movie is only half of what we shot, and some of the things that didn't make their way into the movie were some of the most painstaking, craziest, most laborious setups that we've ever done."

The above video also offers a glimpse into a moment where Andre was forced to break character thanks to pushing the prank a little too far and the victim of the gag preparing to do something about it.

"The funny thing is Eric gave us a safe word," producer Jeff Tremaine said. "If he says 'popcorn,' then we're supposed to come running in. But when it really becomes traumatic, his go to word, unbeknownst to us, becomes 'goosebumps'. So, we're all at this cowboy bar, he's got this pee-rig on, he's peeing all over the floor, all over the jukebox, and this guy starts getting up to punch him and Eric starts going: "Goosebumps! Goosebumps! Goosebumps!"

In my review I gave Bad Trip a 4 out of 5 and wrote: "Bad Trip makes the case for why this genre shouldn't just be dominated by the same voices that have been doing it since the turn of the century. Eric Andre's work with his co-stars not only makes the "plot" of the film natural but their ability to sell their misfortune and tragedy to an unsuspecting public is not something that anyone can just pull off. Bad Trip is hilarious from start to finish and paves new ground for this specific comedy subgenre. We can only hope that Eric Andre almost being stabbed while filming the movie, a sequence seen in the movie and one of the few times he breaks character, doesn't scare him off from making more."


Bad Trip is streaming now on Netflix.