Batman: Death Of A City Fan Film Trailer Released

A new fan film has released its first trailer in hopes of gaining steam for its Kickstarter campaign.

Batman: Death of a City is a non-profit fan-fiction short film depicting the violence and depravity that plagues Gotham City. Over the course of one long hellacious night Jim Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock investigate a series of grisly murders infecting Gotham. As they dig down deeper into the depths of horror the pair of hard-nosed detectives discover the return of one of the city's most infamous criminals, Andrea Beaumont AKA Phantasm!

The creators of the short film say they want to create a "unique and notable entry into the Batman universe on screen." Seeing as they are making the film for non-profit purposes, they are eligible to use the Warner Bros. DC Comics property. "Warner Bros. definitely appreciates the enthusiasm and respect of its fans," Warner Bros. said in a public statement. "We will continue to monitor the use of Warner Bros. properties as used in fan films. However, we will only consider taking action against such films that are either commercial in nature, are commercially exploited or otherwise engage in or depict inappropriate activity."

The production team is looking to raise $30,000 for their film with their campaign which runs though March 5, 2016. In its first 3 days, it has raise $1,827.