Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tracking at $140 Million Opening Weekend

bvs posters

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice should have an impressive opening weekend according to the first official tracking numbers (which hit 3 weeks ahead of a film's release). The film, the real launching point for the new DC Comics universe on the big screen, is currently tracking at $140 million, though Warner Bros. is being more conservative at $110 million.

The movie, at $140 million, would be the seventh largest opening for a comic book movie, and in the top fifteen for openings all time. It would not, however, put it into the top slot for a March release, held by the first The Hunger Games at a total of $152.5 million.

Still, with tracking numbers at $30 million higher than WB's conservative estimates, the potential is there for the movie to exceed expectations and have a monster weekend. It needs at least $132.5 million to debut as the biggest comic book movie of 2016, though - that's what Deadpool hit in February. Comparing apples to apples, Man of Steel debuted at $116.6 million in June 2013, so outstretching that Summer debut in the early Spring season would be a win for WB.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016, and tickets are on sale now.