Batman V Superman Review Roundup

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The reviews are starting to pile in for Warner Bros. universe launching epic Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and unsurprisingly it seems to have split people right down the middle.

There are a few aspects of the film however that seem to elicit praise across the board. While many eyes will roll at another retelling of Batman's origin, no matter how brief it might be, the consensus is that it is executed just about perfectly here. This happens to be one of many scenes in the film that does push on that PG-13 rating quite a bit, so be forewarned about bringing younger kids to come see it. Many of those moments involve Batman, and while most of the feedback is good in regards to Affleck's performance, he is also responsible for one of the darkest takes on the character seen on screen thus far.

Other highlights include Eisenberg's Lex Luthor, providing most of the levity in a film that is definitely darker in tone. Same for Jeremy Irons Alfred, who many say is the best part of the Bruce Wayne-centric moments. All seem to agree that Gal Gadot made the most of her screentime, and I've seen a lot of positive reactions to her performance overall.

Now let's get to the bad, or at least what some are saying is bad. In most reviews it appears that Zack Snyder's bombastic action style is on full display in the film, especially in the fight scenes. Most agree he has reigned it in a bit since Man of Steel, but there is certainly more negative than positive reaction wise. Amy Adams Lois Lane is also a sore spot, as many have complained she is less of a character and more of a means to an end plot device, showing up only when she needs rescuing or to further the story. While Cavill certainly has his fans, he is still seen as directionless, and a character in need of some depth.

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