Beetlejuice and Harry Potter Exclusive Backpacks Launch from Loungefly


Loungefly is known for their fun backpack designs, but they really outdid themselves with these new Beetlejuice and Harry Potter editions. The Beetlejuice design looks like the ghost with the most was squished into a mini backpack shape, while the Harry Potter Luna Lovegood design is just as fun and colorful as the Ravenclaw witch herself. Naturally, her Spectrespecs are the star of the show.

You can order the Beetlejuice mini backpack here at for $74.99. The Harry Potter Luna Lovegood edition is also available here at Fun for the same price. Both are exclusives, so a sell out is inevitable. Grab them while you can.

Note that both backpacks feature a faux leather shell, fabric lining, a 2-way top zipper closure, and a front pocket. They measure 9" wide, 10" high, and 5" thick. If you go after the Harry Potter version, recently launched a pair of exclusive Luna Lovegood sneakers based on the character that would pair perfectly with the bag. As for Beetlejuice, you'll want to take a look at these...


Indeed, there are new Beetlejuice sneakers that come in two styles - one that's based on The Handbook for the Recently Deceased and another that's based on Beetlejuice's suit and the Sandworm.

The Handbook for the Recently Deceased Beetlejuice sneakers feature the cover of the book on one side and "Never Trust the Living" on the other. It also includes the Beetlejuice logo on the tongue and a maroon background. You can order a pair here at (exclusive) in unisex sizes for $39.99. Many of the sizes are sold out at the moment, but you can sign up for notifications on a restock.


The striped sneakers are inspired by Beetlejuice's suit and feature a Sandworm from Saturn patch on the side. A Beetlejuice logo on the tongue with purple laces and green accents complete the look. You can grab a pair here at for $39.99. Again, these are sold out at the moment, so you'll want to sign up for stock updates. The first wave for both designs sold out in a flash, and there's a good chance the second wave will too.

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