Ben Affleck Teases Batman Voice, Says Batman V. Superman Is Heavily Influenced By The Dark Knight Returns

That Ben Affleck is such a tease. He's out promoting Gone Girl, but all everyone really wants to ask him about is Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. When MTV asked him if he could do his Batman voice, Affleck lowered his voice, as if he was revealing his Batman voice.

Then, Affleck said, "Nah, you've gotta pay, you gotta…that's IMAX money to see that."

But Affleck's voice was definitely different as he answered the question. Could he have been actually revealing what he's going to sound like as Batman? Or was he just messing with MTV's Josh Horowitz's mind?

Affleck did let one little serious tidbit out about Batman. While director Zack Snyder has said in the past that Batman V. Superman is not an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, it seems that the story is heavily influenced by The Dark Knight Returns.

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"I will say that I think Zack was heavily influenced by that [Dark Knight Returns]," said Affleck. "I think everyone's heavily influenced by that. It's the seminal work, right? I don't think there's any of these [Batman movies] that have been made without drawing from that book because it's so good. And I think if you're smart, you steal from the best."

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to open in movie theaters on March 25, 2016.