Birds of Prey and The Umbrella Academy Were the Most-Streamed Comic Book Properties This Week

Streaming's never been more popular than it is today. Within the past year alone, Disney, NBC, and WarnerMedia have each launched their own streaming services and that's not counting Quibi or the handful of niche, independent, or boutique services launched. Suffice to say, you don't have to go far to find a movie or television show that's right up your alley, and around these parts, we binge whatever superhero properties we can get our hands on. Thankfully for us and all consumers of cape content around the world, the team at Reelgood has started to keep track of which movies and televisions based on comic book properties are performing the best.

This week, Reelgood's data provided to suggests the Margot Robbie-starring Birds of Prey has been the most-watched comic book movie currently available to stream while Netflix's The Umbrella Academy has been the most popular series to watch this week. Conveniently enough, Birds of Prey was just added to HBO Max on August 15th while the sophomore season of The Umbrella Academy was added last month.

For streams initiated through the Reelgood website — a service that allows fans keep track of all their streaming subscriptions and content on said services — Birds of Prey tallied 17.8-percent of the views of all comic book-related movie programming. The WB hit was followed by Joker (15.3-percent) and Netflix's The Old Guard (13.6-percent). Avengers: Infinity War and The Dark Knight then rounded out the top five movie lists of nine-percent of the streaming share.

The Umbrella Academy finished neck-and-neck with The Boys, the former scooping up 30.4-percent of the streaming pie while The Boys — which has a second season coming out next week — tallied 26.9-percent. In a distant third was Netflix's Lucifer (11-percent) while Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and Doom Patrol completed the top five comic book show list with 7.2-percent and 6-percent, respectively.


Birds of Prey is streaming on HBO Max while The Umbrella Academy is streaming on Netflix.

What comic book-based programming have you been watching lately? What are you looking forward to most coming up? Think it over and either let us know your thoughts in the comments section or by hitting up our writer @AdamBarnhardt up on Twitter to chat all things streaming!