Whoopi Goldberg Calls On Disney Parks To Build Black Panther's Wakanda Experience In Honor Of Chadwick Boseman

Whoopi Goldberg is calling on Disney to build Black Panther's Wakanda Experience at Disney theme parks, in honor of the late Chadwick Boseman. Black Panther has become even more of a milestone phenomenon now that Chadwick Boseman has died - especially since we've learned that Boseman shot the film while battling colon cancer. Whoopi posted the following message to Disney on Twitter: "Dear People in charge of building NEW experiences Disney Land and World we don’t really need another Frozen land BUT what we could use is Wakonda, please Disneyworld Disneyland PLEASE build in Chadwick Boseman’s name WAKONDA." The mispelling of "Wakanda" aside, Whoopi makes a good point.

While Disney has traditionally used its theme parks to highlight its animated works, that time has been a-changing. Big franchise brands that Disney has acquired (like Marvel and Star Wars) have steadily been taking up a bigger and bigger portion of theme park real estate. "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" has been a major new attraction that's already gotten a major expansion; meanwhile, Marvel's "Avengers Campus" is in the works to be the next major attraction that Disney unveils.

It's already been announced that the Avengers HQ attraction in the California Disneyland parks will feature a ride that sees the Avengers on a mission in Wakanda - but at this point, do fans (and Chadwick Boseman) deserve more?

Black Panther World of Wakanda Disney Theme Parks Chadwick Boseman Death

Black Panther has become an even bigger icon since his solo film release; in fact, one of the most beloved moments from Avengers: Endgame is no doubt the now-poignant moment when Boseman's T'Challa/Black Panther is the first dead her to return in the final battle with Thanos - just when Captain America needed him the most. Given what a cultural milestone Black Panther was, and the fact that the franchise and character will now continue moving forward with the new momentum Chadwick Boseman helped provide, it makes sense both morally and financially for Disney to add a full-fledged Black Panther and/or World of Wakanda experience to its theme parks. If the stuido has any unreleased audio of Chadwick Boseman in character as T'Challa, that would be a definite exclusive offering for the attraction that would not only draw in Marvel fans, but likely new demographics of parkgoers Disney would presumably want a bigger share of.


Right now, we are all still in the grips of trying to process and memorialize the loss of Chadwick Boseman and his massive talent. Questions about how Disney and Marvel can best honor his Black Panther contributions are looming - but will have to be answered later.

R.I.P. "King" Chadwick Boseman. Wakanda Forever.