Sacha Baron Cohen Thanks Donald Trump for Free Publicity for Borat, Offers Him Job After Election

Days after Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm showed Rudy Giuliani in a compromising position, Donald Trump has broken his silence on the subject by calling Sacha Baron Cohen a "creep" after the prank. According to reporters traveling aboard Air Force One in the press corps, Trump spoke to the situation Friday night as he traveled to a rally. Responding to the reports, Cohen jokingly offered the president a job after he leaves the White House.

"Donald—I appreciated the free publicity for Borat! I admit, I don't find you funny either. But yet the whole world laughs at you," the comedian tweeted. "I'm always looking for people to play racist buffoons, and you'll need a job after Jan. 20. Let's talk!"

"To me, he's a creep," Trump reportedly said in reference to Cohen. "I don't know what happened. But years ago, you know, he [Cohen] tried to scam me and I was the only one who said no way. That's a phony guy and I don't find him funny."

The situation in question featured Trump's personal attorney — former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani — reaching into his pants in the presence of an actress playing a character just 15 years old. Prior to the movie's release, Giuliani released a statement saying it was completely fabricated.

As those who tuned in on Friday noticed, the scene in question unfolded in front of everyone's eyes watching the film — captured on hidden cameras in a hotel suite.


"I would say that if the president's lawyer found what he did there appropriate behavior, then heaven knows what he's done with other female journalists in hotel rooms," Cohen said on Good Morning America on Friday. "It is what it is. He did what he did. Make your own mind up, it was pretty clear to us."

Cover photo by ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images