Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals How Isla Fisher Helped With Sequel

Sacha Baron Cohen recently discussed how his wife helped him complete Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. It’s no secret that these movies court controversy and sometimes that can be dangerous. People magazine sat down with the star to discuss filming the Borat sequel and The Trial of the Chicago Seven so close together. Isla Fisher was a rock for the comedian as he tried to navigate two very different worlds with these projects. Baron Cohen stressed that having a supportive spouse is very important when chasing these types of roles. The couple has been married for a decade now, and they have three children. So, it’s been a while since the father has had to don that getup and directly place himself in harm’s way. Luckily for Fisher, it sounds like he’s hanging up the tan suit for good after the second film. So, there won’t be as many moments where she has to talk him through it.

"It's impossible to make a movie like this without having an incredibly supporting spouse," Baron Cohen explained. "You know, I went and made two movies in the last 12 months: [The Trial of the] Chicago Seven and Borat 2. And these aren't normal shoot days; you're calling up sometimes at the end of the day and just saying, 'I was lucky to make it out in one piece today,' so you need a very, very understanding wife. And I'm very lucky to have it."

In some previous comments to Good Morning America, the comedian said, “This wasn’t a prank movie, this was my form of peaceful protest. So, this was the first movie I was encouraged to wear a bulletproof vest during a couple of scenes. One of them was at a gun rally at Washington State, where I was singing a song called the Wuhan Flu. Yes, a group of armed members of the crowd stormed the stage, overpowered the security and one of them actually reached for his pistol. I was extremely luck that I had an outstanding bodyguard who grabbed the guy’s arm and whispered the words, ‘It’s not worth it buddy.’”’s Charlie Ridgely reviewed Borat 2 for the site:


“Have you ever been truly on the edge of your seat when watching a horror movie? That feeling of strangely enjoyable anxiety where you're acutely aware of the blood rushing through your veins, your stomach feels like it wants to escape from your body, and it's almost impossible to remove your hand from in front of your mouth? It's what we watch horror flicks hoping to feel,” Ridgely said. “It's not, however, what we want out of a comedy, at least not most of the time. Sacha Baron Cohen's secret Borat sequel will give you this feeling for the entirety of its run time. It's every bit as nerve-wracking as it is funny, and it happens to be one of the funniest films in years.”

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