Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals Why He Returned For Sequel

Sacha Baron Cohen revealed why he decided to return for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. The project [...]

Sacha Baron Cohen revealed why he decided to return for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. The project seemed to come out of nowhere just days before the United States' last presidential election. The comedian sat down with CBS This Morning to speak about the decision to release the movie at that time. Cohen is no stranger to having a political edge to all of his comedy. Borat is a sterling example of that approach, and the second movie goes even further than its predecessor in the quest to get some laughs. Sometimes, there are some lines crossed, but the comedian and his team are fully aware that the audience doesn't approve of these extreme moments. Cohen wanted to make it abundantly clear that he knows there is a measure of danger to each one of the bits where he dresses up as a zany character and fools some people. But, he feels being in harm's way was necessary this time.

"This wasn't a prank movie, this was my form of peaceful protest," he explained. "So, this was the first movie I was encouraged to wear a bulletproof vest during a couple of scenes. One of them was at a gun rally at Washington State, where I was singing a song called the Wuhan Flu. Yes, a group of armed members of the crowd stormed the stage, overpowered the security and one of them actually reached for his pistol. I was extremely luck that I had an outstanding bodyguard who grabbed the guy's arm and whispered the words, 'It's not worth it buddy.'"

In the same interview, the comedian talked about why he decided to take on Trial of the Chicago 7. Much like Borat, Cohen believes that this movie was a story that people needed to see.

"I just found him this incredibly funny, charismatic character, who underneath it all was courageous and would give his life to fight injustice," Cohen said. "So, I needed to play him… I would say he's really inspiring. He realized the power of humor in being to challenge the things he found immoral in society. He was always saying, 'we have to go where the cameras are.'"

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