Fans Are Coming to the Defense of Netflix's 'Bright'

Netflix released its biggest blockbuster original film Bright over the Christmas holiday, and the resulting "controversy" has been interesting to watch. Bright got hit with an initial wave of bad reviews and social media hate from disappointed viewers, but now it seems the pendelum is swinging the other way, as other viewers are coming to the film's defense.

Bright Movie Positive Reviews

The average moviegoers weren't the only ones lending their support of Bright; even star like Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor John Boyega tried to quell the flame-war started by the movie:

The general point of contention seems to be Bright's loose metaphor for race-relations. While a similar concept has been done in films like Alien Nation or Enemy Mine, these days and times of triggered online reactions are much different. This was an especially explosive year for the issue of race, with events like the Charlottesville, VA, protest and murder bringing racism to the forefront of our national discussion. While probably somewhat unfair, a discussion of whether "Fairy lives matter," or why 'everyone blames the Orcs' probably seems a little frivolous at his juncture.

Director David Ayer, writer Max Landis and Netflix have all taken the "backlash" to Bright with some good-natured snark; Ayer clapped back at an especially hyperbolic and vitrloic reviewer (see below), while Netflix put out this hilarious Orcs-only review of the film.


Bright is now streaming on Netflix. If you've seen the movie, be sure to rate it for yourself, below!