'BrightBurn' Trailer Produced by James Gunn Imagines an Evil Superman

Fans of horror and James Gunn have something to look forward to in 2019: BrightBurn, an upcoming [...]

Fans of horror and James Gunn have something to look forward to in 2019: BrightBurn, an upcoming film from Sony's Screen Gems.

Based on the spooky trailer, BrightBurn looks like a terrifying cross between Superman and The Omen, and we're here for it. The film stars Elizabeth Banks as a mom who is way over her head when the baby she finds with her husband, played by The Office's David Denman, grows into a terrifying young boy.

Gunn is producing the film, which was written by his brother and cousin, Brian and Mark Gunn. The other Gunns have lots of projects in development, including a Starsky & Hutch reboot and the Timecop remake.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Gunn announced the film six months ago, saying the idea excited him "in a way nothing outside of Guardians has in years." He said the film was "personal, and different, and perfectly suited for our times." More importantly, he called the idea "terrifying."

BrightBurn is being directed by David Yarovesky, who also helmed The Hive back in 2015. Yarovesky has a long history with Gunn, having played a Goth Ravager in Guardians of the Galaxy and co-directed the Guardians of the Galaxy: Inferno short.

Banks is also no stranger to mixing horror with the Gunn family. Back in 2006, she starred in the gruesomely fun Slither, which was written and directed by James Gunn. Banks is gearing up for a busy 2019, which is bringing us the highly-anticipated Lego Movie sequel, The Lego Movie: The Second Part. The actress is reprising her role of Wyldstyle/Lucy, and based on the trailer, her character will have a huge role to play.

In addition to the Lego-verse, Banks will also be directing the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot, which is set to star Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart, and Ella Balinska. Banks will also be taking on the role of Bosley, a fact that has us hyped considered the character has only ever been played by men.

Despite being fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Gunn hasn't stopped working in Hollywood. He's currently writing Suicide Squad 2 and is set to executive produce the Starksy & Hutch reboot with his brother and cousin.

In addition to Banks and Denman, BrightBurn stars Jackson A. Dunn, Meredith Hagner, Matt Jones, Gregory Alan Williams, Jennifer Holland, and Steve Agee.

BrightBurn is set to hit theaters on May 24, 2019.