Candyman Protagonist Hints At Dark Connection To First Film

The trailer for the new story involving the hook handed slasher of the shadows has landed, and the [...]

The trailer for the new story involving the hook handed slasher of the shadows has landed, and the upcoming Candyman movie may harbor a dark connection to the original film that was released in 1992. With fans speculating if this upcoming film will be a direct sequel to the original or a complete reboot, the trailer has given us some hints about a possible connection between the two. With the film set to release in June of this year, the next installment of the Candyman franchise will surely send shivers up audiences' spines.

Yahya Abdul Mateen II is the main protagonist of the upcoming horror story, an artist named Anthony who finds himself drawn to the Cabrini Green projects in Chicago. As fans of the original film may know, Cabrini Green was the locale where most of the first film took place, but this isn't the major link that connects the present to the past. Rather, Mateen's character is named "Anthony", which coincidentally enough was the name of the baby that survived the original events of the first film.

Tony Todd's Candyman was originally killed for sleeping with the daughter of a plantation owner in the south, executed in a most terrible way. With his hand cut from his body and his broken form covered in honey, the man named Daniel Robitaille died, but the horror of the Candyman lived! Within the original film, the slasher stalked Hellen Lyle, played by Victoria Madsen, a graduate student looking to learn more about the folklore of the Candyman. Thus began a tale of terror that saw Helen wrapped up in a supernatural nightmare.

In the finale of the first film, Candyman and Helen had a stand off wherein the grad student found herself burned alive in an attempt to save a young baby named Anthony from a similar fate. In saving the young boy, Helen died and apparently became a monster herself in the final moments of the film, not unlike Candyman himself. While this isn't a confrimation that this is the same Anthony, it is a big hint that the two films are connected far more than we had originally thought.

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