Chadwick Boseman Gets NFT Tribute In Oscar Nominee Gift Bags

Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman is getting an NFT tribute in this year's Oscar Nominee gift bags. 3D artist Andre Osha got commissioned to make the artwork for the festivities. The Colon Cancer Foundation is selling the NFT to raise money for their cause. Boseman is actually up for Best Lead Actor for Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. A lot of people think that he stands a great chance of winning after his tragic death. If you want a chance to own this NFT, you can check out the auction on Variable starting Sunday and running until Tuesday the 27th. Oshea actually had a chance to talk with Hypebeast about being a part of the six-figure "Everyone Wins" bags for the star-studded ceremony.

"NFTs have really changed my creative process," Oshea told the outlet. "Now I focus less on making clients happy and entirely on my own creative visions and explorations. I also take immense pride in being a Black man and NFTs allow me to bring that into my artwork in really cool ways."

Boseman's wife Simone Ledward Boseman delivered an impassioned plea for people in the audience to make sure they get tested.

"Black people in this country are 20 percent more likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer and 40 percent more likely to die from it. The age for routine screening has recently been lowered to 45 so if you are 45 years of age or older, please get screened. Don't put it off any longer, please get screened," she told the audience,

"This disease is beatable if you catch it in its early stages so you don't have any time to waste even if you have no family history and even if you think nothing is wrong. And if you are younger than 45, please be proactive about your health. Know the signs, know the science, listen to your body. If you need more information and for a full list of colon cancer symptoms you can visit Please, you are so needed and you are so loved. Please take your health into your own hands. Thank you."


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