Chris Pine Says Compassion and Love is Center of Wonder Woman Story


Chris Pine is doing the press circuit for his Coast Guard film The Finest Hours, but he's answering some questions about Wonder Woman along the way. On Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night, the actor talked a bit about his role as Steve Trevor in the film.

"I play a guy named Steve Trevor, who is Wonder Woman's... better half," Pine said. "I can't bet into the finer details of it, but yeah, I'm like a stay-at-home-dad type," he joked.

He said Gal Gadot is "doing a remarkable job," but he seemed perplexed by Wonder Woman's invisible jet when Kimmel brought it up.

"It takes place in World War I. I think what's really neat about it, is that with all of the Thors and Captain Kirks - I feel like with men at the helm, it's always a revenge cycle thing. It's an eye for an eye, 'we're going to get the bad guys' and then the bad guys are defeated," he said explaining the differences with this film. "What I think is really lovely, with having a woman at the helm of this, there's a great deal more compassion and love at the center of the story, which for something as big as a film that this is going to be, and the eyes that will watch it, I think it's a wonderful - the little bit we can do to hopefully inch this universe toward not being as aggressive and violent."

The actor said filming has been "great fun," and had genuine enthusiasm when talking about the film. But then, he also had great enthusiasm about his favorite Mexican food joint in LA.


Wonder Woman is shooting now in London for a June 23, 2017 release.