Cinema Sins Vs. Superman: The Movie (Richard Donner's)

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Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie was the first screen appearance of Christopher Reeve's Superman  and was created at a time when "you will believe a man can fly" was a credible tagline for a major motion picture. It's considered a cinematic classic, and it has elements to it that have informed virtually every telling of the Superman myth to come after it. Which is why it probably needs to be taken down a few pegs. "We're not done with Superman just yet," said the Cinema Sins crew after their attack on Superman Returns. "Today we bring you Everything Wrong With Superman (1978), but this time we let the audience impact the total sin count by giving them a choice to one of three different endings. It's worth watching just for "Does a dead Jor-El just work like a way better version of Siri?".