Congo Star Wants Another Adventure as Monroe Kelly

Following the massive success of Jurassic Park in 1993, a number of other projects inspired by author Michael Crichton's work headed into development, including 1995's Congo. While the film was a relative box office success at the time, it failed to meet the impressive bar set by Jurassic Park, with any potential for a follow-up adventure seemingly dissipating. More than 25 years after the film debuted, star Ernie Hudson still reflects fondly on playing the character of Monroe Kelly, who guided a research expedition through the Congo, and would still love the opportunity to reprise the role for a new adventure.

"Well, the character in Congo, I just had a lot of fun with the character, and, unfortunately, the studio ... I don't know. It did well at the box office, but I'd love to do that character [again]," Hudson shared with when reflecting on reviving characters from earlier in his career. "It probably won't happen, but I'd love to recreate that character or revisit that character, revisit that scenario, once again, in a different part of the world, but more of an adventure. I'd like to do an adventure film, so that character I'd love to see again."

He added, "And The Crow was ... it's hard to even think about revisiting that after what happened [to Brandon Lee]. But, yeah, probably Congo would be the one that I'd love to do, certainly not just substitute. There are a few that I don't think I'd want to revisit, but Congo, I think I would."

In the film, a research team hopes to return Amy, a gorilla that knows sign language, to her natural home, though some members of the team have ulterior and nefarious intentions for the excursion. While the film might not have been as much of a success as Jurassic Park, Hudson pointed out that plenty of fans still show their love for it.

"Now I do these Cameo things, which is a lot of fun, and, really, during this quarantine, it connected me to the audience, and surprisingly, a lot of people will ask you, 'Can you do it as Monroe Kelly?'" the actor noted. "A lot of different movies come up, but Congo is one that people will say is their favorite movie. It's certainly in the minds of people, so that's good."

Hudson can next be seen in Redemption Day.

Having just returned home, decorated U.S. Marine Captain Brad Paxton's (Gary Dourdan) wife, Kate, is kidnapped by a terrorist group while working in Morocco. He is forced back into action for a daring and deadly operation to save the woman he loves.


Redemption Day hits theaters on January 8th and lands on Digital HD and On Demand on January 12th.

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