Alamo Drafthouse Closes All Locations Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Nearly every facet of the entertainment industry is being impacted by the spread of the COVID-19 [...]

Nearly every facet of the entertainment industry is being impacted by the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and it's safe to say that the movie industry is no exception. With governments advising against large gatherings - most recently, of more than ten people - the very nature of movie theaters has kind of been thrown into jeopardy. Several major movie chains are temporarily closing their doors as a result, and it looks like Alamo Drafthouse is the latest among them. On Monday, the beloved theater chain took to their website to announce that nearly all of their locations are now closed until further notice. The franchise-owned location in Winchester, VA will reportedly remain open, but the website promises to provide updates as that changes.

"This news – this situation – is devastating," their official statement reads. "When we re-open after this unprecedented and indefinite hiatus, it will be in a dramatically altered world, and in an industry that's been shaken to its core. We'll be in close contact over the coming days and weeks with our teams, suppliers, and colleagues on what these closures mean and what we plan to do next."

The company is also taking early precautions to provide financial and emergency assistance to help its employees during this time.

"This has already been a trying time for our entire team – servers, kitchen staff, bartenders, projectionists, concierge crew, managers – everyone who makes Alamo Drafthouse what it is," their statement explains. "To try and assist as many staff members as possible, we're working with the Emergency Assistance Foundation to expand and streamline our Alamo Family Fund in order to be able to respond to the increased need for emergency assistance by those affected. Alamo Drafthouse, through the AlamoGives initiative, has committed up to $2 million to this relief fund. We will have more information on this very soon. To our guests, colleagues, and friends – we wish you the best, and we look forward to serving you again soon. Thank you. We will meet again."

Alamo Drafthouse joins Regal Cinemas in closing all of its locations because of the pandemic. While theaters are beginning to shut down in certain cities, many AMC Theaters and Cinemark locations are currently remaining open, but are taking extra precautions to stop the virus' spread.

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