Toy Story 4 Wins Best Animated Feature at Critics' Choice Awards

The 2020 Critics' Choice Awards took place on Sunday night, paying homage to a pretty wide array of movies and television shows. The ceremony honored quite a lot of genres in the world of movies, from action to sci-fi and horror to animated. Toy Story 4 took home the Critics' Choice Award for Best Animated Film at the proceedings, in a category that also included Abominable, Frozen II, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, I Lost My Body, and Missing Link.

The fourth installment took the franchise into some unexpected territory, as Buzz, Woody, and company went on a brand new adventure. While some thought that the film would be unnecessary after the emotional ending of Toy Story 3, the film took fans by surprise -- and seems to have created a fully final ending.

"Well, I think that the end of 3, which I love, and first did not see a fourth film, but it's the end of Woody's arc with Andy," director Josh Cooley explained to last year. "It's the completion of his being able to let go of Andy, but there is more to Woody. He's been such a loyal toy, like so good to the point where he had blinders on, and so this was like, can we show him that everything that he has feared for entire quadrilogy is actually, Bo is that. Bo has become that lost toy that he was freaking out about in the first film and now he's able to open his eyes and go like, 'Wow, there is a bigger world out there. I can basically go from taking care of one kid in a bedroom to taking care of multiple kids everywhere.' So that felt like a big change and a completion of his arc."

With Missing Link winning the Best Animated Film award at the Golden Globes last weekend, it will be interesting to see which film ultimately takes home the top prize at the Oscars.


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