David Harbour Is Bringing Hellboy's Man Bun Back

Although actor Ron Perlman had lobbied for a third Hellboy movie, it was Stranger Things’ star David Harbour who got the nod for the cigar-chomping demon in a newly-announced reboot of the franchise.

According to Harbour, fans of the character can expect the titular character’s iconic man bun to make a return. As a matter of fact, the actor recently told THR that he was already in the process of growing his hair for the part.

“Ultimately, they’ll probably use a wig but I’m going to let this go [strokes hair] and I’m going to try and do the man bun this summer,” Harbour said. “So if you see around New York in a man bun just know that I’m not from Brooklyn, I’m actually just working in my weird subconscious way on Hellboy.”

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Despite the original mixed reaction around the announcement of the new movie, anticipation has been building for the third live-action movie featuring Hellboy. The film — which is currently titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen — is said to have a script featuring the comic run of the same name.

The movie is slated to begin production later this Fall and director Neil Marshall (Game of Thrones) has been tabbed to direct.


Hellboy's blend of vintage pulp action and mystery, folklore, and Lovecraftian horror and fantasy has turned it into one of Dark Horse Comics’ best-known publications, spawning several spin-offs such as a BPRD series, Lobster Johnson, and a prequel series titled Hellboy and the BPRD. Mignola recently killed Hellboy himself but continued to tell his story in the after in the pages of the 10-issue Hellboy in Hell series. The expanded "Mignola-verse" offers plenty of material for an expanded film and television universe.

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