Deadpool Movie Will Reportedly Be Rated PG-13

One of the biggest questions that fans have had since Fox officially announced a Deadpool movie is [...]

One of the biggest questions that fans have had since Fox officially announced a Deadpool movie is whether it will be PG-13 or R-Rated. While those who have read the original script insist that the script is R-Rated, the most recent reports suggest that the script has been reworked to make it work as PG-13.

In a just-released Meet the Movie Press, SchmoesKnow's Mark Reilly claims that he has it straight from director Tim Miller that they figured out how to make the movie PG-13. Reilly said, "I heard from the director that they finally figured out the script, and it was right before this was announced, that they figured out…and you guys are all going to hate this…they figured out how to make it PG-13. And therefore not lose its soul…that's a quote…of the script, so that they can make it. Look guys, it looks like Deadpool's going to be PG-13."

Of course, Deadpool creator Robert Liefeld has hinted as much in the past. Back in July before the Deadpool movie was even officially announced, Liefeld tweeted, "So much mis-information from the mis-informed in regards to Deadpool film. The version under review is a PG-13 version, not an R.... The brilliant screenplay has been equally brilliantly modified.... R is not a blockade any longer."

With the track-record of recent R-Rated comic book movies in comparison to PG-13 rated comic book movies, it's not difficult to understand why Fox would want it to be PG-13. On the plus side, the PG-13 rating could lead to a higher budget for Deadpool, since the film will be able to play to a wider audience.

On the negative side, a lot of fans want a R-Rated Deadpool movie and look what happened to The Expendables when that series went to a PG-13 rating against the wishes of many fans (of course that film leaking online didn't help either). Still, just because the film gets a wide-release PG-13 rating in theaters, doesn't mean that fans wouldn't get to see an R-Rated version on Blu-ray eventually.