His Dark Materials Star Dafne Keen Blasts Classic Disney Films for Impact on Girls

His Dark Materials star Dafne Keen had some critical comments about Disney films’ impact on [...]

His Dark Materials star Dafne Keen had some critical comments about Disney films' impact on young girls. The actress sat down with Elle to talk about her project but asked about her role as a new vanguard of heroines for fans. Her performance in Logan still gets talked about often. Well, in Keen's opinion, we have a ways to go before things are up to speed. There isn't one simple factor she wanted to point to in her critique, but it feels like something went wrong for sure. She points to the overall packages when it comes to Disney films. There are other sources of cultural criticism that draw similar conclusions, but people continue to pack the theaters to see what the studios under that umbrella produce.

"Disney movies, if you watch them back, were extremely bad for a girl to see, even the ones which aren't so old." Keen explained. "They're dangerous because you can't place your finger on what's really wrong. I think we've got a long way to go."

When it comes to Lyra's character, the star says there's a lot to love. Keen spoke to Comicbook.com about His Dark Materials earlier this year.

"I love how real she is. I don't know, I feel like many characters girls see nowadays are unobtainable. They're too put on altars. What I love about Lyra is that she's human. You're not looking up at her ... You think, "Oh, I can be like her, it's in my human capabilities." She's not doing anything that you go, "Well, that's impossible to do." She's just very relatable. And she's amazing because she starts off as a not particularly good child and ends up by the end of the books being this amazing person, but still flawed. Because everyone has flaws."

In Lyra's personal journey, it feels like reliability was also a focus for Keen too.

"Being good, I think because she sees that being bad just... Firstly, it creates more evil. Evil creates evil," she added. "And just by living all of these tragedies that she lives throughout the three books, she discovers that the world is bad enough as it is. So you have to try to make it a better place, or at least try to not make it a worse one. That's, I think, what drives Lyra. Seeing all of these deaths that she's not supposed to see and all of these horrible things which shouldn't be happening."

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