Do New Ghostbusters Set Videos Reveal Chris Hemsworth Spoiler?

Come check out some terrific Ghostbusters set videos that include a Ghostbusters in peril, Ecto-1 in action, Matt Walsh and Michael K. Williams appearing on set for the first time and potentially huge spoilers regarding Chris Hemsworth's character.

This first set of videos begins with a blonde stuntman wearing a Ghostbusters uniform. That's right, the Ghostbusters aren't all-female. I'm going to assume the blonde stuntman is doubling for the film's blonde eye-candy Chris Hemsworth (Thor, The Avengers), who is reportedly playing the Ghostbusters' receptionist. And by all means, Hemsworth could be just the receptionist, but at some point in the film he dons the Ghostbusters' costume. Maybe the Ghostbuster ask for his help, or maybe he feels his help could be needed at a critical moment and takes it upon himself to put on the costume?

For the scene itself, the blonde stuntman is standing in front of the Ghostbusters headquarters, holding a motorcycle helmet as though he just arrived on the Ecto-2 (Ghostbusters motorcycle). He then appears to be zapped as though he was just POSSESSED BY A GHOST! Then he hops onto the Ecto-2 (Ghostbusters motorcycle) and rides off in style, popping a wheelie.

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Kate McKinnon's stuntwoman jumps out of a window backwards to simulate that she has been tossed out--probably by an apparition. Melissa McCarthy quickly grabs her fellow Ghostbuster, but she can only hold on for so long until she finally loses her grip. Leslie Jones comes to the rescue, flashing incredible reflexes and strength as she grabs McKinnon's character and yanks her up.

In the next video, a garage door opens up and Ecto-1 comes peeling out with its lights on. Exciting!

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This group of videos begins with a police officer questioning the Ghostbusters in the middle of the street right after they've completed a mission. When they're done answering the cop's questions Michael K. Williams (Boardwalk Empire) and Matt Walsh (Into The Storm) arrive on the scene and approach the Ghostbusters. They appear to be agents of some type and after a short discussion the ladies are escorted by the men to their black SUV. Walsh opens the car door to let Melissa McCarthy in but for whatever reason she doesn't expect it and tumbles to the ground when the door strikes her. Hilarious!

Oddly enough, it appears that they shot an alternate ending to this scene in which the agents don't take the Ghostbusters with them. This one's closing gag has two black SUVs parked next to each other and Walsh heads for the wrong SUV. What a goof!


Paul Feig's Ghostbusters is due in theaters July 22, 2016.