‘Dora The Explorer’ Film Will Not Be Produced By Michael Bay

Earlier this week, you may have heard that Dora the Explorer was getting a major live-action debut. The franchise is slated to get a big screen treatment from Hollywood, but fans were too distracted by the film's producer to care. Reports first suggested Transformers director Michael Bay would oversee the project, but it doesn't look like that is the case any more.

According to Paramount, Bay was never specifically attached to the live-action venture.

In a new statement, the studio clarified Bay's involvement with Dora the Explorer to Collider. Paramount stressed Bay is only attached to the film through his production company, Platinum Dunes, as it is overseeing the project.

"Bay himself is not involved," Collider confirmed. "His production partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will produce the Dora the Explorer movie."

While some fans will be sad to see Dora the Explorer go without Bay's quintessential explosions, it may be for the best. The children's series does not lend itself to such action, but there will be more drama added to the live-action film than fans may expect. According to current reports, the adaptation will follow Dora as a teenager when she moves to the big city with her cousin Diego.


Bay may not lend his blockbusting charm to the film, but Dora the Explorer won't be helpless. The film has nabbed Nicholas Stoller to pen its script, so his work on films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Muppets will come in handy here. However, fans may get lucky and spot a Transformers easter egg in Dora the Explorer before it ends. Who knows? Swiper could be headed to the big city to raid a toy store or something....

Distributor Paramount Pictures is said to be eyeing a 2019 release date for the project.